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Travel to Iraklia

Ferries in the small Cyclades
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Travel to Iraklia

Skopelites Lines has the small car ferry Express Skopelitis running from the island of Naxos to all the small Cyclades and then to the villages Egiali and Katopola in the island of Amorgos

This is a small, slow and not very comfortable car ferry, but the journey only takes one hour and 35 minutes from Naxos to Iraklia since it is the boats’ first destination. Normally this ferry would do the route Naxos – Iraklia – Schinoussa – Koufonissi – Donoussa – Amorgos (Egiali & Katopola) three times a week, but in high season they do the route more often (15th June – 15th September every day). NEL-Lesvos Maritime also makes a connection to Iraklia and follows the route Syros – Paros – Naxos – Schinoussa – Koufonissi – Katopoloa – Egiali (see picture on the right). This car ferry is faster and more comfortable and the trip from Naxos takes about an hour.

The Blue Star Lines makes the route from Piraeus (Athens) to Paros – Naxos – Iraklia – Schinoussa – Koufonissi – Amorgos and then back. The journey takes about 6 and a half hour, 4 times a week in high season.

Note: schedules of ferries can change depending on the season and they vary from year to year, so always check. If you check and cannot find any schedules on than you are probably too early and the timetables haven’t been approved yet. Please try again later in the season. Sometimes the owner of the hotel you booked knows best and you can ask him / her.